Our Canadian-made, custom-milled fabrics consist of ethically sourced modal, bamboo, tencel and organic cotton fabrics. These easy-on-the-environment textiles offer uncompromising stretch, softness and durability. Why would we use anything else? 

MODAL meets the highest standards of sustainability. The production process involves self-propagating beechwood trees and its symbiotic pulp and fibres, which produce a lasting luxury fabric that is as soft as it is durable.

BAMBOO is the fastest growing plant in the world with some stands growing up to three feet per day. Similar to beechwood, it self-propagates so there is no need for replanting. Bamboo requires no water, fertilizers or pesticides making it an incredibly sustainable resource for textile production. The result is a luxury fabric that is as durable as it is soft. 

TENCEL is derived from wood pulp that is harvested on renewable tree farms. It is manufactured in a closed-loop process that continually recovers 99% of the solvent. The fibre itself is produced in a spinning process with minimal environmental impact; production plant emissions are significantly lower than most textile operations. Tencel is known for its softness and wrinkle resistance.

ORGANIC COTTON is derived from organically grown seeds that are treated with natural fertilizers as opposed to synthetic pesticides. The cleaning and ginning process involves mechanical operations with minimal environmental impact and the dye process involves using chlorine or peroxide, which is a safer alternative to commonly used bleach.